GTA Online Review

Tasty Chaos!

Can you name a game that covers more genre’s than GTA Online? I doubt it! While it isn’t a perfect game, you can do almost anything you desire. Race, Fly, have shoot-outs, or co-op heists. More often than not I find myself playing it as Car Collector Simulator.

Let’s go ahead and get the negatives out of the way first. There is too much good here to dwell on the negatives for long.

First, the menu system is about as confusing as you can imagine. I suppose we should be thankful for a working mouse pointer in the menu system. You have various things on your phone (up arrow), various things on the Social Club menu (Home), various things on the main game menu (Escape), and then you have the interactive menu (M). It’s no wonder no one can seem to remember where to look for a job invite.

Second, hacking and smacktards. There’s no real point in playing in public servers….ever. Rockstar doesn’t care much about hacking, so not much will change there. Open world sandbox games like this are designed to encourage you to be a jerk. We learned this lesson in APB. Goofing around with your friends is all good and fine, because you can tell them that you are trying to do this thing now so stop killing me. In a public game, with hacks going on, no place is safe…not even your safehouse.

Hackers suck

Lastly, I would mention the game crashing – but that seems to really only be my luck. It actually runs quite well for as large of a world as it is with no loading screens between areas. Rockstar support just gave me the cookie cutter support suggestions when I submitted a ticket, which weren’t super helpful.

Now for the immense horde of positives about GTA Online.

This latest version of GTA looks spectacular! And the scenery…oh my! The attention to detail is off-the-charts. I cannot begin to list for you all of the times I’ve been impressed with the details. Did you know that inside the glass shell of the police lights are actual working mirrored spinners? One time I was cruising around the beach and found an unusual statue of a man. I walked up to the statue to get a closer look…and apparently the NPC didn’t appreciate me getting all up in his personal bubble. It’s full of constant surprises like this everywhere you look.

Jerk Statue

The variety of things to do is unprecedented! Within the category of racing you can race all sorts of vehicles (with fully working gauge panels I might add!) in all sorts of races. Boats, planes, motorcycles, super cars, golf carts – non-contact, laps, point-to-point, and mario kart style w/ powerups. All sorts of different on-foot games like deathmatch, capture the objects, and horde survival. Mini games like golf, tennis, and arm wrestling. Co-op jobs that are like mini-heists. Get a few friends together and it will be hard to get bored here.

Probably the absolute best part of GTA Online is the heists. This is probably where the game shines brightest. Co-op at it’s finest. Every member of your team has to do their job to succeed and their jobs are frequently separate from the rest of the team. But by the end it all comes together. I can’t imagine doing these with a public group, but with your friends it is a thing of beauty when it all works out. I certainly hope that Rockstar continues releasing additional heists or figures out how to let us gamers create them.

Heist with friends!

Oh…and did I mention that with the editor tools included that you can create most of these things yourself in-game??!!


I’m giving this game a 5/5 Severed Teddy Bear Heads. The heists are co-op gold, there is so many different things to do in the rest of the game that you should never get bored – something for everyone, and with the exception of some confusing menus and my unfortunate crashing – it runs great and looks beautiful!




2 thoughts on “GTA Online Review

  1. I am getting jealous of all the hackers and their money drops. I keep getting on servers where people are saying “where is all this money coming from” and they get the dump. (much like some of our group.)

    I am the only one without a supercar or armored car because I haven’t gotten the attention of a generous hacker, and, well, I don’t play enough.

    It is easy enough on a pub server to avoid the hackers by turning off active mode so you can get your cars turned in, run your dailies, etc.

    I wish there was a way to successfully do heists with pubs, unfortunately, unless it is a dead easy one, you can usually only do setups with folks for quick 15-20k. No big payouts.

    I do dig the game. I also enjoy the car collecting. I wish the races involved your own cars more, rather than just generic ones, but I get why they do that to level the field.

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