Battlefield 1 Reveal

If you have not already watched this, check out the amazing trailer and click “Continue Reading” to check out more analysis.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited and going all fan boy here. I know we all were a bit burned out with Battlefield by BF 4. Most of us were done with the whole Premium business that quite frankly does nothing but divide the community to the haves and have-nots.

I’m sure they will continue with the Premium thing because dollaz! I imagine they will continue with the external Battlelog, which isn’t really that bad once they got the bugs fixed and everyone got used to launching a game from a website. They will probably also have way more weapons and unlockables than necessary. But perhaps the setting here will offer some limitations in that realm.

5 player squads have been confirmed. From the trailer we can pick out vehicles, guns, melee weapons, artillery, flame throwers, gas, & gas masks. We can also see hints of some maps being Arabian desert, Alps, various European locales, and definitely some trench warfare.

I think my biggest hopes for the game are:

  1. No Premium (I know this won’t happen)
  2. Less than BF 3 & BF 4’s bazillion weapon & weapon mod combo’s. In the trailer you can already see scopes, bipods, bayonets, etc. So we know they will have weapon mods. I’m just hoping for less (useless) variety compared to the more recent Battlefields.
  3. No slugs in shotguns. I don’t know what existed for WW1 in the shotgun ammo category, but slugs have turned shotguns into sniper rifles in recent Battlefields.
  4. Fun flame throwers! They were fun in BF:BC2 Vietnam. But with the much newer engine I hope to see better flame mechanics similar to what we can see in Far Cry 3 & 4.
  5. Flight controls that resemble War Thunder. I have never been able to fly in Battlefield…and that gives me a sad.

I can safely say that the trailer won me over and sold me. I think I’m ready to return to the Battlefield. I think it’s a sale from me. What do you all think? What are you most looking forward to? Buying or no?

Here are a couple videos of folks breaking down and analyzing the trailer, giving some pretty great information. Also, one of these dudes were at the presser where more things were revealed and got to play a rough alpha version.


UPDATE: Here are some Tweets from the Battlefield account today that were answering questions:


2 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Reveal

  1. It will be a purchase from me. I’m looking forward to bolt-action rifles, desolate battlefields, biplanes, and brutal fights. I too loath the Premium crap, but likely will have to deal with it. Looking forward to squading up and shooting people in the face. I don’t mind there being lots of unlocks, I just don’t think they will be able to have as many given the time period, my worry is they will go too far trying to find attachments to add.

    I have to say I really like the style this game has. It seems like it has a steampunk vibe, but that just might be because steampunk has a 1930’s vibe.

    1. I’m definitely buying it…and will likely splurge for Premium as well. That trailer hooked me. I’ve been getting back into BF4 and really enjoying it.

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