TF2: Rocking out
TF2: Rocking out
#7FaveGames is trending on Twitter right now. I thought that would be an interesting discussion for the group. But right now my list is sitting at 18+…. If I drop single player games from my list I get closer. Here is what mine looks like, how about yours?

  1. Red Faction
  2. Guild Wars
  3. Rocket League (yes it is already an all-time fave)
  4. Battlefield Bad Company 2
  5. Team Fortress 2
  6. Diablo 3
  7. ?????
WT: Bombing Formation
WT: Bombing Formation
Runners up (& possible 7th) in the multiplayer list:
Splinter Cell Conviction / Blacklist
Left 4 Dead series
Borderlands (all of ’em)
Portal 2
Sniper Elite V2 & 3
Need For Speed (all)
GTA Online
War Thunder
HR: Report Hacking
HR: Report Hacking
Single Player faves:
Splinter Cell 1
GTA Vice City
Bioshock series
Thief series
Hard Reset
Invisible, Inc.
Darkest Dungeon
Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, 4
Just Cause 2

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Old School Console games:
Gran Tourismo 2
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
Excite Bike
RBI Baseball
Duck Tales
Super Mario Bros 3

Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver


14 thoughts on “#7FaveGames

  1. It would be hard for me to put them in any particular order but the top 7 games that come to right away are as follows…

    1. Rocket League
    2. DayZ
    3. Guild Wars
    4. Call of Duty: World at War
    5. Skyrim
    6. War Thunder
    7. Battlefield Vietnam

    1. Not surprised by DayZ or War Thunder on your list. I did enjoy CoDW@W, but I never got into CoD as much as BF. Skyrim would certainly be high on my list and is in my top 10 based on hours played on Steam. But it’s single player and that dropped it down for me. I never did play BF Vietnam…

      1. W@W almost got replaced with CoD:MW which is widely considered the pinnacle of CoD. BFV is where I fell in love with helicopter combat in the bf games.

  2. I think I have to add Killing Floor (& 2) to the multiplayer runners up list.

    For that last spot on my #7FaveGames list, I think I have to add GTA Online. I was resisting, but when I’m working on refining this list I’m not sure I can think of another game that caused as many laugh-out-loud moments as GTA Online. The sheer variety of things to do…the heists were fun when and if you could gather 4 competent players to participate at the same time.

    The other 2 games I was strongly considering for that 7th spot was the Left 4 Dead series and Portal 2. I just loved the writing in Portal 2 and co-op was pretty awesome. The only problem there was once you ran through the co-op with a buddy, it was pretty much over. You couldn’t really play through it again with another friend b/c you already figured out how to solve the puzzles and the fun came from figuring those out with a friend the first time around. The Left 4 Dead series created many epic moments and lots of fun & laughs. Bots meant that you could still enjoy the game even if you didn’t have enough friends on at that time. It probably created as many epic fails as wins though, not saying that the epic fails weren’t entertaining.

      1. Yes? Well…unless your other friend has yet to do the main puzzles and needs a friend to do them with. Then you either have to pretend you don’t know what to do while you wait for your friend to figure things out – or perhaps it’s been long enough that you just don’t remember.

  3. #1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    #2. Battlefield 2
    #3. Delta Force
    #4. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2
    #5. Half-Life
    #6. Team Fortress Classic
    #7. DayZ

    I know, you’d think I’d put ArmA 3 on the list, somewhere. While I do love the ArmA series, they’re not games I can look back on and say that they’ve somehow influenced my gaming history.

    Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 was the first game that I really dedicated myself to play online. It’s also the first game I played at a LAN Party at the local college and I spent thousands of hours playing it as a kid on the MSN Gaming Zone. Then came Delta Force, Half-Life, and Battlefield 1942 (I coined “MrRecon” while playing the Desert Combat mod and calling in artillery)… the rest is history. I first started playing with you folks after Achilles, Baby Daddy and I were in the Gaming Sharks on Battlefield 2 in the La Cantina server. I’d get off the bus, run the half mile up the road to my house, crack open a Mt. Dew and hop in La Cantina… Those were the days!

  4. I would have to say-

    BF2,3,4, band company (I like them all to be honest, never really had a favorite)
    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
    Diablo (1,2,3)
    Guildwars (1)
    Team Fortress
    Killing Floor 1,2

    Olds chool games:
    Bards Tale
    Barts tale something or other winter nights
    Ultima series

    Old, Old school games:
    Wolfenstien I, II
    Tongue of the Fatman
    Full Throttle

    1. Can’t really go wrong with your top 7. From your old,old list…I’ve only heard about Wolfenstein. Haven’t even heard of those others! I think you are going to have to add BF 1 to your list…I think it is going to be awesome!

      1. if you ever get the chance, do full throttle Dusk, they have it on emulators. It is an old click and try things type adventure game. It is really funny if you poke around and try things, and not very long.


        “Full Throttle is a third-person puzzle-solving adventure developed and published by LucasArts, released in 1995 for DOS and Macintosh. The game features a full voiceover soundtrack, performed by popular actors such as Mark Hamill. The project was led by Day of the Tentacle creator Tim Schafe”

        All these old games were solid – https://pando.com/2013/04/03/lucasarts-in-memoriam-the-5-best-games-and-where-to-find-them/ and all were played except Sam and Max by either me or my wife. She dug those games.

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