Project Argo

Bohemia Interactive recently announced two “new” games that it will be releasing through their own early access model that will be know as Bohemia Incubator.  One is a would be Arma 3 mod that focuses on competitive PvP. It’s called Project Argo.   It’s a 5 v 5 competitive shooter built on Arma 3 that Bohemia Interactive want’s to use as a test bed and learning tool for game development in a more focused environment than Arma 3.

The other game is Y-Lands, a Minecraft like survival building game that sounds like a platform to build your own games in. To me it sounds like a cross between Minecraft and Garry’s Mod. This is quite a departure from Bohemias typical style. They recently purchased the studio that is building Y-Lands.

You can play games in the Incubator for free right now.   You can go to or

You will need to log into your Bohemia account and once it is linked to your steam account, “purchase” the game through the Bohemia store and it will unlock on steam.