Patch .61 is Making DayZ Great Again

DayZ recently put the experimental servers  back online to test the next patch. Patch .61.  As I’ve mentioned before, the big changes are network optimization to improve desync in combat, and an audio overhaul that really changes the sound of gunshots.  The sounds change drastically depending on how far away the shots are. There is much more to the patch but those are the highlights.  So far I have played 3 characters in DayZ .61.  My first died of hypothermia. On my second character, I spawned in a large city, and just moments after joining the server I was approached by a bleeding survivor who needed a bandage. I gave him one. He bandaged himself. Then shot me in the face.

Third times the charm, right?


I spawned in Chernogorsk. I didn’t spend a lot of time there due to my previous characters unfortunate end. I moved west to the Bolota airfield. I didn’t find much there, or in the town of Bolota. I decided to head northwest towards Zelenogorsk .

I spawned in Cherno and moved west to Bolota
I know the screenshot is dark, but the zombies in the moonlight were pretty cool. (CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE)


Before going to Zelenogorsk I decided to stop by the military base in the woods near Pavlovo.  I found few decent items there, but the server went down and when I rejoined the loot I had picked up was not in my inventory, nor on the ground.  Grrr!  I killed a few zombies as I looted the barracks and then moved into Pavlovo.  The server went down again there right after finding some more good loot. Aargh!  I decided to switch servers after that one.  I’ve played the same server for two nights straight now without it going down, so it was an issue with that individual server.


I finally reached Zelenogorsk.  I searched the military complex there without much success. I did find some food though and it was just in time as I was starting to starve. As I started to work my way north through the town, I heard gunshots from the military complex where I had just been.  The new gunshot sounds were awesome.  I could tell they were in the distance, and what direction they were coming from.  I hurriedly sneaked back to the base and watched it from across the road for a while.  I caught a few glimpses of movement, but it was raining hard and I was only armed with a 9mm P1 pistol with one 8 round magazine.  I was not in any shape to go on the offensive.

Dynamic Shadows!

I moved back north to continue looting the rest of the town.  I got to the police station and heard a few more shots from the same area as before.  It was spooky.  It was dark, raining, and I knew there was another person around. It had me nervous.  I watched the police station for a while as it would be the logical next stop for most survivors. The mystery man never showed. There were some more gunfire though. I decided to hoof it further north.


I decided to head to the Myshkino Military base.  It was still dark and rainy as I made my way down the edge of the tree line to the northwest. I was within sight of a deer stand when I heard wolves howling behind me.  They scared me more than any zombie growl I had heard yet.  I sprinted across a clearing and climbed the deer stand.  I looked back the way I had come and sure enough, a pack of wolves came out of the tree line, tracking me.  I sat still and they milled around the clearing for a bit before heading back the way they had come.


Unfortunately, as soon as I got down from the deer stand, they were back on my trail.  I sprinted to a small village and locked myself in a house.   A zombie also joined the conga line.  The wolves were mildly interested in the dead old dude.  I only had 8 rounds for my P1 pistol, and I did shoot once at a wolf, but I knew I didn’t have enough ammo.


I had to make a run for it.  I ran out the door on the other side of the house.  Several more zombies took notice, but the wolves were faster. A word of warning. Wolves don’t mess around. They go for the jugular. For probably the first time ever, my motorcycle helmet saved my life.  I took three or four bites to the helmet before I was able to lose the wolves.  They started to become more interested in the 4 or 5 zombies on my trail with them.   I would have been lunch for both zombie and canine had I not been wearing it.

I finally made it to the military tents near Myshkino

Beware of wolves.

I looted the tents as the sun was coming up. The place was crawling with zombies. I had to bandage myself several times.  I fully expected to get sniped while fighting them off.  I made it through though.  I found some Gorka camo clothing and a little 7.62×39, not much else. My next destination was going to be Pustoshka.  I know you all will find this hard to believe but I got turned around.  After a long walk through the woods, I found myself at the entrance to Myshkino tents again.. Doh!

I wont laugh at you anymore MGMonkey
This looks oddly familiar…. #!*#!
Getting lost did allow me to get this cool screenshot.. So there’s that.

Luckily I was carrying a compass, so I decided to trust it for direction and just headed east.   I found another small village to loot.

bolotaThen I found a herd of cows.



Finally, I had a visual on our favorite little hill in all of Chernarus. Veresnik, overlooking the creatively named “military base”.  The sun was going down behind me as I approached. Perfect timing for a stealthy loot and scoot.


There is a new military camp not yet shown on the map. It's near the yellow circle.
There is a new military camp not yet shown on the map. It’s near the yellow circle.


The clump of trees is Versnik.
All is quiet as I approach the outer walls.


Zombie Security
Unfortunately a few zombies were guarding the opening in the fence I wanted to use..



There are now 5 barracks type buildings with loot in the military base.  I loot each one.  In the last two, zombies are stumbling across the doorstep as I go from room to room.  The atmosphere is incredible.  It’s tense knowing anyone could show up, and there are 5 or 6 zombies within 25 yards of you.  You can hear their footsteps. Could it be footsteps of the living? I have a few mini panics thinking a player is approaching.

As I leave the last building, I get too close to a zombie.  He smells his midnight snack.  There is another zombie between me and the exit in the fence.  I take him out with one shot from my pistol, then turn and double tap the one chasing me down.   I sprint through the hole in the fence, turn and take out the closest zombie to me as she comes through the fence.  Then, just run.

A not so silent exit.


I ran away from the military base, down a treeline an stopped in a ditch to see if I had any other followers.  After checking my surrounding with a long range scope, I ran across the open field to Vybor.  It was crawling with the undead.  I spent 15 or 20 minutes creeping around the town.  Getting a drink from a water pump while a zombie shambled towards me about 15 feet away.


After moving down the south edge of town, looting the police station, and starting back down another row of houses, I heard a gunshot from the direction of the military base.  Then several gunshots.  I decide to go back and check it out.  I sprint south to the wet ditch that leads back to the south side of the base.  I catch some movement around the area I shot the three zombies making my own escape from there.  I decide to take the risk and push through the sparse trees on the west edge of the base.  As I got within about 50 yards of the north exit, a player runs out, tracing the same path I had taken earlier, but cutting northwest across the open field and up to a ridge about 300 yards away.  I didn’t have a clear shot, as he was zig-zagging heavily. I also suspected he wasn’t alone, and sure enough, at the top of the ridge there was another well geared played and what looked like a fresh spawn.  They shared some loot with the new spawn and moved on north towards the north west airfield.

dayz-06  I tried to stalk them, but once I climbed up to the ridge, I never saw them again.  I slowly made my way to “sniper hill” overlooking the northwest airfield.  I got to witness the sunrise from this spot and it was glorious.





After watching the sunrise, I checked the two new barracks at the east end of the row of hangers. They were completely empty.  Had it still been dark, I would have went through the whole airfield.  In the daylight, and the knowledge of a squad in the area. I decided to head back towards Stary Sobor and check out the military tents there.


Sardines for breakfast. Yummmm!
It was on the wooded hill that I finally had an encounter with the true threat in DayZ. The living. (I may have started it)
It was on the wooded hill that I finally had an encounter with the true threat in DayZ. The living. (I may have started it)


This video will show a some of what I have already covered, and ends with some pvp where I actually didn’t die.  Also, WOLVES! I know it is long so  hopefully there are a few of you with 34 minutes to burn.  If you only have time or patience for action, skip to 18:48